Terms and Conditions

Jawhara Gulf Exchange assumes no obligation to sender except as outlined in these terms and conditions. You agree that your use of our services shall not violate any laws. You also agree to contact us regarding any matter in dispute outlined in these terms and conditions within 180 days from the date noted on the send form.

Maximum Send Amount

The maximum amount per transaction/number of transactions, which can be sent through any of the offered services, is limited. These limitations will be disclosed to you at the time of your transaction. In addition, Jawhara Gulf Exchanges ability to send funds is dependent upon many factors including regulatory issues and identification requirements. If required by law, Jawhara Gulf Exchange shall report to the applicable regulatory authorities or government agencies all the information regarding any money transfer made through our services.


You acknowledge that Jawhara Gulf Exchange reserves the unfettered right to refuse to provide its services to any person and reserves the right to change its services without notice. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you understand that Jawhara Gulf Exchange may refuse to provide any services if the use of our services would violate any of our policies, procedures or practices. In addition, you agree that neither Jawhara Gulf Exchange nor any of its agents will be responsible or liable for any refusal to provide service. You acknowledge that Jawhara Gulf Exchange uses service providers outside of Canada for the provision of its services and for such purposes your personal information may be transferred outside of Canada to affiliates, agents and service providers of Jawhara Gulf Exchange and accordingly will be subject to the legal requirements applicable in such foreign jurisdictions. Jawhara Gulf Exchanges ability to perform the services will depend on the ability of Jawhara Gulf Exchange affiliates, agents and service providers to perform the services which in turn, will be subject to the laws of the foreign jurisdictions where those agents, affiliates or service providers are located. Payment Delivery

Dollar Exchange Type (Rate)

  • American & European Currencies
  • Asian & African Currencies
  • Precious Metals
  • Currency Converter